Specialists in Disability Housing

Livable Housing

Archr Design has a vested interest in developing residential buildings that promote ‘Livable Housing Guidelines’. Our passion for disability sensitive design originates from our lead architect, David, realizing the lack of housing that can cater for someone with a physical disability. This has been a frustration throughout his life seeing his younger sister, born with Spina Bifida and full time wheelchair user, struggle due to simple ‘industry standard’ construction methods that limit her access and maneuverability. Through his family’s experience redesigning and renovating portions of their home throughout the years to accommodate for his sister’s ease of movement and general comfort, David was inspired to design a house specifically for his sister from the ground up. That first design project lead to Archr Design becoming registered LHA assessors, to working on multiple single home and multi residential LHA compliant projects, and in assisting and guiding the industry to create inclusive designs that cater to making a disability compliant house still feel like HOME.

Creating livable homes can be simple and should include key easy living features that make them easier and safer to use for all occupants including: people with disability, ageing Australians, people with temporary injuries, and families with young children. With good design, these do not need to make a house look like an institution.


LHA/SDA compliant services we offer:

Design Review + Register

Our team can provide design assessment to assure your plans adhere to the LHA Livable Housing Design Guidelines through all phases of design/documentation and will register with Livable Housing Australia upon completion

Construction Review + Register

We perform site inspections during construction phases and at completion of construction to assure LHA compliance and then provide registration with Livable Housing Australia

Architectural Design

As LHA Guideline assessors we use our skills and training to design detached housing to multi-unit developments that meet our clients various needs ranging anywhere from improved livability to high physical support

Creating Homes